Hello! I work as a freelance writer and editor specializing in public policy. I enjoy translating the work of academics and specialists into language that nonspecialists can understand, and I wrote this page to give you an introduction to my work.

If you need my services, I'd be happy to talk. Just scroll down to the section labeled "Contact me."

Here are the roles I can serve for you

My focus is on public policy

Most of my work has focused on education and health care policy, but I have worked on other topics, including economic growth, taxation and public pensions.

I have worked on white papers, blog posts, direct mail pieces and more

White papers: I have written dozens of white papers and issue briefs that range from four pages to 80 or more. Most of these publications have focused on education or health care policy. I have also edited a few white papers on other topics, such as fiscal policy.

Op-eds and columns: For three years, I wrote a twice-a-month column on a policy issue of the day, usually using a recent report from a think tank as a springboard. For another client, I wrote one op-ed a month, which the organization circulated to newspapers across the state. I also edit op-eds and columns for others, who distribute them to national, regional and local newspapers as well as their internal publications.

Fundraising: Many of my clients use direct mail to raise money, so some have asked me to help with editing or writing. The pieces have included year-end and monthly appeals for general operating expenses, appeals for special projects, information about estate planning and periodic updates to high-level donors.

Blog posts: I have written or edited thousands of blog posts, perhaps 10,000 or more. Due to the changing nature of publishing platforms and publishers, most of these no longer exist in a public form. State House Call covered health care policy; I wrote roughly half the content. The Detroit News, which is Michigan's second-leading newspaper, published my commentaries on policy and politics. But my blogging life started out at the self-published site, PolicyGuy.com. I add short articles to it, but only rarely. While I have stopped writing blog posts on a regular basis, I regularly edit those written by others.

Managing publications and authors: While writing for State House Call, I also served as the managing editor. In that role, I recruited authors, suggested topics and oversaw a budget for stipends. Before that, I was the managing editor of Intellectual Ammunition, a bimonthly print publication with eight contributing editors. I suggested topics, made sure authors got their work in on time, performed copy editing and selected other materials to include in the magazine.

I have worked for both state and national organizations

You may have seen my work, if not my name

As a writer or an editor, I have been published by a number of think tanks. In addition, my work has appeared in newspapers and other publications such as the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Kansas City Star, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Politics in Minnesota, The Daily Caller, The Hill, USA Today, and the Wichita Eagle. I also have ghostwritten a major report (over 80 pages) for a national policy organization.

On occasion, I appear on the radio

I have served as an official in several organizations

Former and current clients endorse me

You can read some endorsements that readers and clients have made for me.

I know the tools of an editor

I am familiar with The Associated Press Stylebook and to a much lesser extent the Chicago Manual of Style. My go-to publication for questions about language is Garner's Modern English Usage. In most of my work, I use the track changes feature of Microsoft Word, though some clients prefer to use Google Docs. I have also used customized browser-based editors. In those situations, it's been useful to have enough knowledge of HTML to make simple changes to the underlying code when the situation called for it.

Where am I on social media?

I have a Twitter account, though I don't use it much. There's also my LinkedIn profile.

Contact me

The best way to contact me is to send an email, using both my first name and the name of this domain as the relevant parts of the email address. You may also contact me through my LinkedIn profile.
Date of last update: May 2020