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More anti-biking silliness

The Guardian of the UK reports on a politician in Colorado who sees a pro-biking scheme, and sees … a plot to bring about global government, or at least threats to personal freedoms to drive cars.

Sorry, dude, but that’s just a counterproductive argument. I’m with you if you think that some cycling enthusiasts have developed delusions of a green planet. Or if you point out that for the overwhelming number of people, cycling isn’t a replacement for a car. And if you want to argue that it’s wrong to divert gas tax money into bicycle paths, that’s great.

But invoking fear of the United Nations? Not that the UN is a a model organization of anything, except corruption, bloated bureaucracies, bad ideas, and the occasional good deed. That just makes you look someone who obsesses about the Russians’ plans to poison our “precious bodily fluids.”