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Bans on texting-while-driving may be dangerous

One characteristic of modern government is the move to ban something that might be dangerous. The latest victim: the ability to send or receive text messages or e-mail while driving.

It may seem like banning the practice would be a no-brainer. But some researchers have observed that accidents have increased, not decreased, in states that have enacted such bans. puts it this way: “Laws banning texting while driving may actually increase the risk of road crashes.” That comes on the heels of a report from the Highway Loss Data Institute. You can read the press release about the report, and download the study yourself, here.

There are some questions about the design of the study the researchers used, so more research is needed. The authors offer up a reasonable explanation.

One possible alternative: Let insurance companies refuse to pay for claims that are incurred at the time someone sent a message.

From The Detroit News: