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Electrics are great – but don’t expect heat

Consumers Reports, a cheerleader for the heavy foot of government on automotive manufacturers, is also a big fan of all things green.

Electric cars? Wheeh!

Except sometimes the truth gets out anyway.

The publication has a new online review of the Nissan Leaf, which was built with $1.4 billion of your money.

Sure, there a few nice things about the car. But it has one small problem that you might notice if you don’t live in one of the rare places (say, Southern California) without a winter or summer: “It seems Leaf ownership is best if you are not in a hurry or live in a climate where the temperature remains moderate, so you can avoid using the climate control for heat or air conditioning.”

Tell me, when did heaters become standard equipment in autos? 1963? 1933?

Automotive technology has come a long way. But heat in Michigan winter? Nah. Why would you want that when you can be warmed by your eco-piety?

Rabid environmentalism: Wasting money and reducing living standards from the start.