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Will Republican seniors own up to the need to change Medicare?

Four years ago, or perhaps six years ago, Paul Ryan was getting some national publicity, at least among political and policy nerds.

I went to a Republican Party caucus, mostly to see what it was like. One of the people there was a long-time party volunteer; she had done some work during the Kennedy-Nixon race of 1960.

For some reason, the name Paul Ryan came up.

“I don’t like him,” she said. When asked why, she replied “I don’t like what he’s going to do to Medicare.” She was afraid that he was going to “take away my Medicare.”

I hope she’s changed her views since then, for Medicare will, if left untouched by reform, collapse under its own weight. Actually, there may be some benefits to that, but they would come at a great cost. More on that in another post.