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Primary Day Reflections on Schools

I went to vote today, at a junior high in that receives my tax dollars. As I walked in the main lobby, I was struck by the fact that there three large banners on the far wall, facing me. One said something about learning, discovery, etc. The other two were variations on “diversity is good.” One included a quote from, Kofi Annan. Oh my, so cosmopolitan, aren’t we?

I shook my head and went to vote. When I walked back into lobby, I noticed, high up on a wall that presumably covers some ventilation ducts, an American flag. It comes in view only if you walk towards the lobby from one direction, not the other, and it’s certainly not the first thing you see when you walk into the lobby, since it would be far away in your peripheral vision.

Now, I think the UN is not entirely evil or worthless, that learning other cultures is part of being an educated person, that the U.S. is not perfect and that some other nations have a lot going for them, and that diversity can be good if practiced in the American fashion (E Pluribus Unum).

BUT ….

What does the relative placement of these banners tell us about the priorities and mindset of the school administrators?