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Most minimum-wage jobs are also part-time ones

The minimum wage is in the news, so here’s an interesting chart from the Federal Reserve.

Minimum wage laws
Source: Minneapolis Fed

Since the minimum-wage law is in the news, it’s useful that the Minneapolis Fed provides a handy map that shows the various laws in place in the 50 states.

For more, see the articles, “Not all minimum wage jobs are created equal. The cover story of the July 2014 issue of FedGazette, “A minimalist picture,” has some interesting facts about the mimimum wage. For example, 72 percent of the people who receive that wage work part-time. It’s hard to earn a “living wage” if you work on a part-time basis, especially at the wages touted by any reasonable advocate of the minimum wage. (Sure, $200 an hour would make a nice “living wage,” but who credibly advocates such a view?)

To see the map in its original state, please click through to State Mimimum Wages, 2014.

First published at True North.