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Using Uber, not a bus system, to satisfy transportation needs

A city experiments with subsidizing people’s transportation needs through ride-sharing services such as Uber. It gets people from A to B, without the capital costs of new buses or (more expensive yet) rail lines.

The response from (taxpayer subsidized) public radio? Hey, this may be a bad thing because it could put more cars on the road.

Sounds like someone wants to help the poor, as long as they don’t get to use the same options as everyone else.

Once you scroll back hundreds of off-topic discussions in the comments section of the article, you find this: “Uber’s business model is what you’d expect to see in third world nations,” plus a slam at Uber drivers for being native, ignorant, and desperate. There those rascally people go again, thinking for themselves.

As for my own use of Uber, I’ve had both positive and negative experiences — as I have had with mass-transit systems. I say kudos to Alta Monte Springs, Florida, for focusing on addressing human needs and doing so in a way that is aware of changes in the economy.