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This is me, John LaPlante, the author of this site and all the goodies contained herein. The site started out life in May 2003 as The topic then, as now, was public policy, usually on the state or local level. Eventually I changed servers, publishing platforms, and a few other things, and lost much of the material I had written. Given the short shelf life of opinion journalism, that’s not necessarily a great loss.

Another change is that I’ve stopped writing original content for this site, for the most part. Instead, you’ll find some reprints of material I have published elsewhere. For example, I am a contributor to The Michigan View, an opinion site edited by Henry Payne, an editorial cartoonist with the Detroit News. Another place where I write blog entries is the Center of the American Experiment. The center merged with the Minnesota Free Market Institute, which has many more of my blog posts.

In addition, if you look at my portfolio, you’ll find longer articles and reports that I have written for think tanks, newspapers, and other organizations.