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“Please make whatever changes you think are good – I trust your judgment completely!” — think tank policy expert

“John, you’re a terrific editor. Thanks once again for improving my piece.” — think tank president

“Thanks as usual for the helpful edits.” — think tank policy expert

“Loved your edits.” — think tank policy expert

“Phenomenal editor” — think tank communications manager

“He is among the most gifted editors I’ve had the good fortune to work with. John’s work consistently improved the substance and style of all the work he published.” — communications manager for a national advocacy organization

“John LaPlante is a true professional. I enjoyed working with him, and gave me added insight into crafting a message that was both reader-friendly and informative on a complex issue.” — president of a professional advocacy organization and former gubernatorial aide

“John is a rarity in the editing world. He not only brings clarity to my words, but he also sharpens my policy perspective. I’d highly recommend him.” — policy expert with a leading national organization

“Your help in polishing the rough draft really helped me produce a clearer, stronger essay.” — policy advisor to a state-focused think tank

“He is learned, comprehensive and gets the big picture.” — talk show radio host

“John LaPlante is a very able editor who always adds much value to what I write.” — think tank policy expert

“John is an excellent writer, and takes great pride in everything he does.” — federal manager

“John has helped a number of our young writers improve considerably through his thoughtful editing of their work.” — think tank president

“I never have to worry about what kind of product I’m going to get from John.”  — think tank research director

“John edited a very detailed research report for us that required him to understand the nature of the research. His edit simplified our approach and enabled us to get the project going again.” — think tank president

“I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you placed into editing my work; it has helped me to be a better writer.” — think tank intern

“Thanks for the excellent commentary in today’s Legal Ledger. I referred our senators (Republican caucus) to it. You can say it. Legislators can’t. Or won’t. Pity.” — legislative aide

“He has been a strong asset to those involved in education reform issues in this state.” — leader of an education reform group

“In working on a grass roots campaign, John LaPlante ably became our researcher. He wrote copy for our website and kept it responsive to major developments. His interface with various professionals and elected representatives kept our arguments strong and well focused.” — independent communications professional

“You write very well, and this is an excellent literature review. Very good use of rarified scholarly concepts.” — graduate school professor