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Category Archives: Cost of government

The Lingering Effects of Regulations

Yet more evidence that when “there ought to be a law” carries the day, changing the law later is an onerous task. I suppose there’s something to said for having laws not flip-flop every election, but it’s also a warning against enacting new laws in the first place. “Rules governing America’s more than $200-billion-a-year retail […]

Government unlimited, society constrained

President Obama and Congress are keen to inflict many changes on this country, changes that will inflict a lot of damage. Aside from the particulars, the most significant problem with the Obama agenda is that it is a full-frontal assault on the principle of subsidiarity. Made most famous in Rerum Novarum, an encyclical published by […]

Cato Institute gives Pawlenty a “B”

The Cato Institute has come out with its biennial report card on the fiscal performance of the nation’s governors. Gov. Tim Pawlenty earned a “B.” Chris Edwards, the institute’s director of tax-policy studies, noted that Pawlenty ran on a no-new-taxes pledge, but “his tax record in office is more mixed than that.” Edwards cites: $200 million […]

Show me the spending

With the new year well underway, it’s time to start thinking of … yep, April 15. So how well is your state and local government spending your hard-earned tax dollars? Not always well. Fortunately, a new coalition has developed to let people see what’s going on across the states. It’s called Show Me the Spending. Minnesota […]

Minnesota is #10

We’re number 10! We’re number 10! But in this case, that’s nothing to brag about. Minnesota has the tenth-most expensive government in the country. Each year, Americans for Tax Reform computes Cost of Government Day, which measures the cost of taxation and regulation on each state. The group defines it as: the date of the calendar […]

We Need Grown-Up, not Childish Reaction to Bridge Collapse

A bridge collapses into a river, killing several people, traumatizing many. The reaction of some? Blame the no-new-taxes pledge that the governor took. Childish? Yes, especially when the blame was put into rhyme by one resident who used a child’s song in a letter-to-the-editor, published in one of the metropolitan area’s major newspapers. Ah, the […]

The Cost of Regulation: Seen in Housing Prices

No surprise here: government action has consequences. In this case, people are being priced out of the housing market. Forbes reports on the least affordable U.S. real estate markets in its July 23 issue. Some of the numbers are astounding: “For example, in the first quarter of 2001, 42.3% of homes sold in Los Angeles were […]