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Category Archives: Economic freedom

The Lingering Effects of Regulations

Yet more evidence that when “there ought to be a law” carries the day, changing the law later is an onerous task. I suppose there’s something to said for having laws not flip-flop every election, but it’s also a warning against enacting new laws in the first place. “Rules governing America’s more than $200-billion-a-year retail […]

Hooray for cuteness capitalism

Along the curbs of many residential streets this summer, you’ll find a classic piece of Americana as well as free enterprise–the lemonade stand. Stop and drop a couple of quarters, please. The other day, I was driving back home when three children caught my eye. They were all girls, roughly ages 9-12, standing at a […]

Throttling Small Business in Minnesota

There’s a reason why you’re hearing those radio commercials for Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Minnesota is not a great place to start or run a small business, but South Dakota is. That’s the word from the Small Business Survival Committee, which has recently released its annual index of the 50 states. Minnesota comes in at #42 […]

The war on Wal-Mart

“I know what’s better for you than you, and I’m going to use the power of law to make sure you don’t do something stupid.” Whether it’s a smoking ban (you’re too stupid to decide where to eat dinner), Social Security (you’re too stupid to plan for your own retirement) or any number of other […]