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Minnesota in the bottom 5 for tax climate, again

How is Minnesota like the Chicago Cubs? They’re both “lovable losers.” Another season of Major League Baseball will soon expire, and the Cubs will have failed, again to even make it to the World Series. And as another year has passed, a tax-policy organization has once again said that Minnesota is a cellar-dweller. The Tax […]

Most minimum-wage jobs are also part-time ones

The minimum wage is in the news, so here’s an interesting chart from the Federal Reserve. Source: Minneapolis Fed Since the minimum-wage law is in the news, it’s useful that the Minneapolis Fed provides a handy map that shows the various laws in place in the 50 states. For more, see the articles, “Not all […]

Is Minnesota really #8?

There’s a lot of bipartisan self-congratulatory talk going on about how Minnesota ranks #8 in the latest edition of The Best States for Business and Careers, an index from Forbes. MinnPost, for example, includes quotes from the current governor, as well as a man who would like to challenge him for the office next year. Of course, […]

Do tax rates matter? Ask the calendar

Politicians may say that tax rates don’t matter, but the number of people who move away from Minnesota to low-tax states suggest otherwise. So do the actions of politicians who offer selective tax breaks. But today, I’d like to tell a story about one person whose life choices suggest that tax rates do affect personal behavior–sometimes to […]

How right-to-work came to Michigan

How is it that Michigan, of all states, is set to become the latest state to have a right-to-work law? Economic distress is one factor, but personalities and over-reach are factors as well. Long-term decline leads to a one-state recession One factor in Michigan’s move to right-to-work is the state’s dismal economic performance. In the […]

Is right to work freedom payback for Obamacare?

Did the passage of Obamacare play a role in setting up Michigan’s move to right to work? Certainly, competitive pressures from Indiana are key, as Henry Payne points out. But the lessons of Obamacare should not be overlooked, either. Consider how Washington Democrats passed the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (ACA), as the law is formally […]

The broken windows of the next 4 years

It looks like we’re going to be breaking a lot more windows over the next four years, and crowing about what government can do. Barack Obama proclaims “We saved GM.” There’s a lot to argue with in that statement, but here’s one point I’d like to camp on: It neglects the fact that we could […]

One-time “monopolist” rolls out new software; America yawns

Starting sometime in the 1990s, the U.S. government, plus the European Union, aggressively took antitrust action against Microsoft. “We must act,” said the smart ones in government. “If we don’t, Microsoft will get too big, and control too much.” What a difference a few technological revolutions make. Last week, Microsoft rolled out a new version of […]

Are you tired of subsidizing the NFL?

This week, a group of people known for grabbing all they can from the public trough is having a grand event that attracts thousands of people and non-stop media coverage. No, I’m not talking about the Democratic National Convention, meeting this week in North Carolina. I mean the National Football League, which kicks off its […]

Minnesota #41 out of 50 on economic outlook

By current standards, Minnesota’s economy is among the best in the nation. But will it continue to be in the top tier? Last year, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said that Minnesota ranked 13th in per capital personal income. The state’s average income of $42,843, was six percent higher than the national average. That’s pretty good, […]