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The practice of medicine

Today I received a political mailing, targeting a candidate on healthcare. “Who should be in charge of YOUR healthcare decisions?,” it asks. “Politician [name] OR Doctors?” The flier then criticizes the politician in question for votes to create a state insurance exchange. It’s a legitimate criticism, but nothing new. The political process has been making health-related […]

Tax credits for bicycles

Should I get a tax exemption for my new bicycle pedals? The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), or ObamaCare, allegedly expands the number of people who have health insurance. While the law has many troubling qualities–including its command to “buy insurance or get taxed!”– the goal of getting more people to have health […]

2 Judges on DC Court: “States” means “states”

While one federal court delivered the most significant rebuke to date of ObamaCare, another came to an opposite conclusion, setting the stage for more legal uncertainty. First up,  the DC Court of Appeals ruled against the Obama Administration in Halbig v. Burwell. (The ruling is in this PDF link.) At issue: Does the Affordable Care Act–particularly, […]

Less bureaucracy, lower costs: Imagine that

The world of health care finance is one giant Rube Goldberg machine, with any number of third parties involved. Through Medicare, the U.S. government is the dominant player in setting prices for thousands of medical treatments. Corporate plans and private insurance companies add themselves into the mix, and of course the Affordable Care Care (ObamaCare) […]

If they can’t even get a bridge repair right …

In its recent session, the Minnesota Legislature doled out $250 million in favors to a mega-famous retail center that doesn’t pay property taxes. Thanks to the insistence of one legislator, it also allocated $9 million to please birders and bicyclists. The Star Tribune’s Rochelle Olson reported on this in a story called “Mall of America […]

The sacred, once-unconstitutional health care program

In general, I liked Paul Ryan’s speech tonight. But I was troubled by a few things, including his staunch defense of Medicare. “The greatest threat to Medicare is ObamaCare.” That’s true, and it’s a great political tactic to point that out. But is Medicare worth saving for generations to come? Did I just see thousands […]

The fat man sings about entitlements; is America ready?

I didn’t get to watch Chris Christie’s keynote address to the Republican National Convention until this morning. And as I watched it, I thought, “why isn’t this guy at the top of the ticket?” The autobiographical sketch was too long for my taste, but overall, I liked the message: America has a problem, and we […]

Will Republican seniors own up to the need to change Medicare?

Four years ago, or perhaps six years ago, Paul Ryan was getting some national publicity, at least among political and policy nerds. I went to a Republican Party caucus, mostly to see what it was like. One of the people there was a long-time party volunteer; she had done some work during the Kennedy-Nixon race […]

A Dark Day

This is a dark day for the American ideal of representative democracy within a republican form of government. The Court has said that neither the judiciary nor the Constitution is a barrier to government expanding as fast and as far as politicians think they can get away with. The only barrier now is the political […]

Individual Mandate May Be Linchpin of ObamaCare, But It’s Still Unconstitutional

Should a state-focused think tank care about ObamaCare? How about state legislators? You betcha! That’s why the Minnesota Free Market Institute at the Center of the American Experiment has joined in a legal brief on the question of whether Congress can require you to purchase health insurance. Let’s review a few of the harms that ObamaCare […]