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Category Archives: Higher education

Saving money on college, extreme edition

Many people who attend college will be saddled with large debts and unmarketable degrees. One Minnesota man, though has found one way around it: Load up on college classes while still in high school. The Northfield News reports on one local resident who has earned a high school diploma and a college diploma in the same […]

Leftist leanings in academia: Yet another chapter

It’s fine if people in a particular profession lean this way or that in their political views. There’s nothing particularly appealing about an ideological quota, after all. Sometimes, the leanings are simply driven by logic. I would not expect that people who believe that the use of fossil fuels is a moral assault on Gaia […]

When will the college bubble pop?

As someone who has earned not one but two college degrees–neither of which is in a “marketable” program such as engineering–it pains me to say the obvious: Higher education today is unsustainable, inflicting high personal and financial costs. As Forbes magazine tells it in a recent article, advocates for college have preyed on ignorance of […]

Pay for the teaching, leave the esoteric research behind

Who said the following? “The greater part of the public professors have, for these many years, given up altogether even the pretence of teaching.” Adam Smith. Yes, that Adam Smith. It’s in his most famous book, The Wealth of Nations But now, says Jerry Boywer, you can learn from the greats without subsidizing the Department of […]

Geekiest Football Conference? Big 10/11

Much has been made of the fact that in its shopping trip to find new members, the Big 10/11 has been committed to taking in only members of the American Association of Universities (AAU). So just what is this association? It’s a club of leading universities that do some heavy lifting on the academic front. […]

Where there’s a controversy, there’s a legislator

The sports world is abuzz this week with talk of changes in the big-time college conferences. Naturally, it’s driven by money. The Big 10 wants more eyeballs for its profitable cable network, and non-Texas universities in the Big 12 are unhappy with the distribution of money within the league. Rumor has it that Texas will […]

Are Colleges Becoming Market-Oriented?

Someone once remarked to me that the college campus is the natural home of socialism. But it looks like even colleges are starting to price services according to demand rather than follow a simple uniform rule. Major in some subjects? Expect to pay more. Starting this fall, juniors and seniors pursuing a major in the […]

Trust your college savings to the state?

From the people whose unrestrained appetite has brought billion-dollar deficits …. college plans for your children? Today’s Wall Street Journal [paid registration required] carries a page one article on the way that states are changing the rules on 529 plans that parents use to save for their children’s college education. While it is an interesting story […]