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Category Archives: Transportation

Adventures in Public Transportation

Following in the tradition of the Bensonhurst Bomber, and wanting to see up close how well mass transit a unionized, government-run transportation enterprise works, I took a slightly different trip home from the airport today. It was a waste of time, but an experiment in transportation policy. On the first leg of this trip, I […]

Megaprojects, Cost Overruns, and Political Games

Cost overruns are a given when dealing with large public works projects. The Chicago-area based┬áDaily Herald has a lengthy story today about the subject, and a study that says Chicago officials are underestimating the true cost of expanding O’Hare International Airport. If true, O’Hare expansion would follow in this tradition: The Big Dig, a road […]

Aided by Deregulation, Upstart Airlines Revive Old Airport

The suburban Chicago Daily Herald reports that Midway Airport, on the city’s south side, is┬áthriving. While the rest of the aviation industry is struggling, Midway is thriving. Airline traffic nationwide was down last year, but Midway handled the most passengers it’s ever served: 17 million, a 9 percent increase over 2001. O’Hare had nearly 67 […]