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The Voting Snafu

I just went to vote. The machine wouldn’t take my paper ballot, so the poll worker grabbed it out of the so-called privacy shield and inspected it himself. I’m sure he saw what I marked. It’s enough to make me long for the old days of mechanical voting machines.

Tribalism in Sports

I’ll grant that it can be healthy to identify with a group of people outside oneself. Still, I’m sometimes amused to hear people speaking of sports teams in the plural sense: “WE need to strengthen the offensive line. OUR relief pitcher showed them who’s boss.” If you have official responsibilities with the team, such language […]

Overly Ambitious Lawyers

I’m not exactly a skilled carpenter, but even I know that the names commonly given to lumber don’t match up to a piece’s actual dimensions. And a law firm thought it had a class action case? “Menards was accused of deception because it marketed and labeled its 4x4s without specifying that the boards measure 3½ […]

Who Guards the Guards Who Guard the Guardians?

One justification for government is that a society needs someone who will step in and protect the most vulnerable when everyone else fails to step up. But to invoke an old saying, “Who guards the guardians?” Or in this case, who guards the people who oversee the guardians? This article is about the abuses of […]

Don’t Drink and Shoot

The Iowa Legislature recently passed a bill concerning gun ownership. One amendment added late to the bill: If you teach your young children how to handle a gun, don’t be drunk when you’re doing it.


Work is, aside from a means of providing for one’s financial needs, an activity that ennobles the spirit and provides meaningful connections to others. Is our medical welfare system making it easier for millions of men to live stoned (if they don’t die a premature death)? “By 2013 … more Americans died from drug overdoses […]

School choice: A practical, pragmatic response to school failure

Fix a problem now, or hope for a resolution a decade or more away? The Atlantic magazine has a lengthy article about families in Detroit who use Michigan’s law (“schools of choice”) that make it possible for thousands of schoolchildren to attend a school outside their district.  The article talks about parents who spend a […]

Freedom and vitality of religion

While Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s,” Germany practices what might be dubbed “Render under God what is God’s, through Caesar.” A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes an unpopular move by government to increase the enforcement of the church tax. Church tax? Yes. People who […]

Tax credits for bicycles

Should I get a tax exemption for my new bicycle pedals? The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), or ObamaCare, allegedly expands the number of people who have health insurance. While the law has many troubling qualities–including its command to “buy insurance or get taxed!”– the goal of getting more people to have health […]

Google follows Microsoft to Washington

A group of nerds get together to start a company. They become wildly successful by focusing on their business. Then they go political. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. Oh wait. You have. In the 1990s, there was Microsoft, which had a tiny presence in Washington DC, until its competitors egged on the […]